Manage Rentals Together

Invite parties, collect rent and save time with Copanel.

Trusted Partnerships and Users

Partnered with the most secure fintech systems, Copanel provides the best rental solution with peace of mind. We have serviced landlords and real estate professionals from different companies!

What does Copanel do?

Copanel processes rent payments and records cash flows for landlords and allows real estate agents access in order to assist in the process.

How does Copanel work?

Copanel enables relevant parties to send invitations, set up direct rent payments and access to relevant information.

Why choose Copanel?

Copanel is designed specifically for New York City. Real estate agents and individual landlords can work closely to achieve long term success.

Best Tool For Individual landlords

Copanel is designed to help NYC landlords maximize profit and minimize liabilities, such as lease defaults and FIRPTA regulations.

  • Lease Renewal Reminder
  • Rent Payment Control
  • Super Fast ACH Transactions
  • Cashflow Documentation
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Essential For Real Estate Agents

Copanel enables real estate agents to continue BUILDING THE RELATIONSHIP after the lease is signed.

  • Lease Renewal Reminder
  • Rent Payment Transparency
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Full Compliance
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Our pricing isn't very New York

We understand cashflow is very important to you, thats's why Copanel offers the fastest ACH payout speed in the industry for a fraction of the cost.

Real Estate Agents
$ 0 /mo
  • Full Access
  • Enhanced Security
  • CRM Tool
  • Unlimited Units
NYC Landlords
$ 2 /payment
  • Full Access
  • 3-Day Payout
  • Lease Reminders
  • Unlimited Units
$ 0 /mo
  • Full Access
  • Automatic Payments
  • Lease Reminders
  • Payment Tracking

Embark on your rental success today.

Start using Copanel to maximize profit, minimize cost and save more time.